About the Project

The Wojciech Plewiński virtual exhibition was created within the sphere of the Foundation for Visual Arts’ long-term project dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Wojciech Plewiński’s photographic oeuvre.

The project’s first phase resulted in the production of this Wojciech Plewiński web resource—with its presentation of nearly thirty documentary photo-reports, supplemented by curatorial texts and a video conversation with the photographer—an undertaking which subsequently provided the basis for the organisation of a comprehensive museum retrospective, ‘Wojciech Plewiński: Fervent Curiosity,’ which was curated by Wojciech Nowicki and presented, by the Foundation for Visual Arts, at the Manggha Museum, in Kraków, in 2017.

The next stage of the project is dedicated to augmenting the digital archive with the inclusion of Wojciech Plewiński’s theatre photography, a vast body of work spanning the second half of the twentieth century, comprised of documentation of more than eight hundred theatrical performances. In 2017, the archive expanded to include an initial set of theatre images covering Plewiński’s documentation of forty-seven productions, with the update accompanied by a twelve-minute film interview with the photographer in which he reminisces about his work in the realm of the postwar Polish theatre.

The Foundation’s Plewiński project has been implemented with the financial support of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, within the categories of ‘Artistic Events – Visual Arts’ (2016–2017) and ‘Digital Culture’ (2017).

Website concept: Karol Hordziej and Wojciech Nowicki
Curator of the virtual exhibition: Wojciech Nowicki
Production: Karol Hordziej

Graphic design: Pilar Rojo
Programming: Norbert Jurkiewicz, Kazik Pietruszewski, Piotr Kulpiński
Digitalisation: Lablab Foundation
Photo processing: Wojciech Plewiński
Reproductions of contact prints: Maciej Plewiński
Multimedia: Aleksander Hordziej
Consultants: Anna Plewińska, Filip Plewiński, Maciej Plewiński

Translations (Polish–English): Tomasz Bieroń
Editing of English texts: Stefan Lorenzutti

Promotion: Steinke Communications
Coordination: Tomasz Gutkowski, Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti

Organiser: Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych (Foundation for Visual Arts)