This video interview with Wojciech Plewiński was recorded in the summer of 2016. In it, the photographer traces the evolutionary arc of his career, from the improvisatory nature of some of his earliest assignments photographing live animals, in the 1950s; through his decades-long collaboration with the seminal ‘Przekrój’ weekly; and up to a present tense in which he remains creatively active, even as he candidly acknowledges feeling certain undertones of regret when reflecting back upon an otherwise remarkable career.

During his professional career, Wojciech Plewiński was a prolific theatre photographer who developed a distinct visual vocabulary in the process of documenting more than eight hundred performances. In this video interview, he discusses the path by which he became an ‘accidental specialist’ in the realm of thespian photography: how it all began, learning on the job, logistical hurdles encountered and overcome, and the revelatory experience of photographing plays directed by cinema legend Andrzej Wajda. This conversation was filmed, in the autumn of 2017, inside the fabled Ludowy Theatre in Kraków, a space in which Plewiński documented many a performance over the years.